Nitrogen related to food in Linköping, Sweden

Source: Schmid Neset, Tina-Simone et al., 2006. Food Consumption and Nutrient Flows.

The Material Flow Analysis looks at the average citizen of Linköping, Sweden and her impact on the nitrogen cycle through food.

The flow of nitrogen in 2000 engendered by the consumption and production of food for an average inhabitant of Linköping. The data give the flow of nitrogen in kg per capita and year. The rate of addition to stock for the given year (dt) is shown in the lower left corner of each process. Stocks in plant production are not applicable for the region, because crop sequence and fallow are not included in this per capita system. Surplus includes not only manure, but also by-products (remaining products), losses, and animal carcasses. Thus, emissions from animal production are possibly somewhat exaggerated having been calculated for emissions from manure. The shading of the lines indicates whether they are input (dark gray), output (black), or internal flows (light gray). The thickness of the lines is proportional to the size of the flows.

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