Domestic material flow of phosphorus in South Korea

Source: Jeong,Y.-S., Matsubae-Yokoyama, K., Kubo,H., Pak, J.-J. and Nagasaka,T., 2009: Substance flow analysis of phosphorus and manganese correlated with South Korean steel industry. (link)

This Material Flow Analysis diagram shows the domestic material flow of phosphorus in South Korea (2005).  The border is assumed to be the geographic area of South Korea.  It is odd that there are so many loose ends in the MFA.

…the authors examine domestic phosphorus and manganese flows in South Korea, focusing on the iron and steel industries and using statistical data for 2005. The total phosphorus and manganese usage in South Korea are evaluated to be 380 kt-P/year and 303 kt-Mn/year (manganese ore + manganese alloy).

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